Arturia Matrix-12 V v2.11.0 MacOS

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Arturia Matrix-12 V v2.11.0 MacOS

MORiA | December, 17 2022 | AU | VST | VST3 | AAX | STANDALONE | 321.9 MB

Matrix-12 V Programmable analog freedom.. Extreme patching met 12 dual-oscillator voices in one of the most prestigious keyboard synths of the ’80s. With 27 modulation sources, 47 destinations, 15 filter modes, and five envelopes, it combined the flexibility of a modular synth with the polyphony and programmability demanded by artists like Toto, Vangelis, Prince, and Herbie Hancock. How do you improve upon such an instrument? Matrix-12 V balances absolute authenticity with the flexibility modern music makers need - and then some.

You Can’t Sample This
Our True Analog Emulation® technology models the behavior of every circuit and how they interact. Matrix 12-V is one of its biggest achievements yet.

Your Everything Synth
Whether you make power-pop, electronica, R&B, hip-hop, or a fusion of styles yet to have a name, Matrix-12 V delivers head-turning sounds with remarkable ease.

An Ace in Your Hand
The Matrix could sound like virtually every other analog polysynth of the ’80s — and some digital synths — but no other synth could sound like the Matrix.

Own a Legend
A working Matrix-12 fetches five figures if you can find one. Matrix-12 V offers perfect accuracy at a tiny fraction of the cost, and with modern stability.

Whats new in this version
November, 4 2022 | v2.11.0

New features
Included visually impaired accessibility across all V Collection instruments
New sound design tutorials for selected V Collection 9 instruments
MiniLab 3 compatibility with all V Collection instruments

Improvements to playlists and preset browser

Bug fixes
No more tag issues after updates
Improved loading times for our sampled instruments
Correct presets appear in the playlist after reload
No more browsing issues in NKS software after changing preset from Arturia\'s preset browser
All instrument now recall their previous UI size
Added polyphony voice count to the bottom toolbar on selected instruments

System Requirements
Mac OS 10.13+
2.5 GHz CPU
2GB free hard disk space
OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU


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