Unzip Expert-Zip file tool 1.4.0 MacOS

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Unzip Expert-Zip file tool 1.4.0 MacOS

新一代文件压缩、解压工具。它体积小,速度快,集快速解压、一键压缩和快捷导入于一体。软件支持图片无损压缩,可以一键解压zip、7z、rar等格式的压缩包,同时也支持打开Rar , Zip , 7z格式的压缩文件,一键压缩成zip文件。

File size: 8 MB

Unzip Expert is a portable management tool that can quickly unzip and compress files! Fast and easy to use, making work and life easier. Application description: Unzip Expert is a professional tool that integrates fast decompression, one-click compression and fast import.

You can decompress compressed packages in zip, 7z, rar and other formats with one click.
Unzip Expert supports opening compressed files in rar, Zip, and 7z formats, and can also be compressed into zip files.

The Unzip Expert has the following main functions
【Quick Unzip】
Supports decompression of files in various formats such as Zip, 7z, RAR, etc.,
【One-key compression】
Supports compressing multiple formats into zip files
Support file encryption and compression

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Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.15 or later


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