PhoneRescue for Android 3.8.0 MacOS

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PhoneRescue for Android 3.8.0 MacOS

一款Mac OS平台上为iPhone量身订做的数据恢复软件,许多苹果用户为升级系统而面临删除手机数据或存储空间不足的难题。现在只需安装由iMobie公司研发的PhoneRescue,问题就迎刃而解了。

PhoneRescue for Android 3.x Multilingual | macOS | 20 mb

Recover data from Android devices.
PhoneRescue for Android, covering literally all Android devices from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google, or any manufacturer in the market, can save you from any data disaster from the very first moment. It adopts customized technologies based on each specific phone and tablet, making sure you get back your lost data and files with the highest success rate.

- Focused on helping recover data and files from your Android phone/tablet with the highest success rate
- Recovers lost/deleted messages, contacts, call logs, calendars, etc., directly to your Android device for instant use
- Covers all Android phone/tablet running Android OS 4.0 and above, including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Google, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, and more
- Scan and pinpoint your lost-but-valued content in the first moment from your Android device without root, and conjure them back in an eye-blink
- Recover up to 13 types of the most commonly used data, including messages, photos, contacts, even WhatsApp and Line chatting records and attachments, etc.
- Get back lost/deleted content with several simple clicks, no extra complex steps
- Helps unlock your screen when you've forgotten the screen lock password, and keep all data intact on your Android device

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