SQLEditor Mac 破解版 优秀的SQL数据库设计工具

发表于: 2019-09-16 开发、设计软件 mac

SQLEditor 是一款Mac上优秀的SQL 数据库设计 工具,能够连接到任何ODBC兼容的 数据库 ,如Oracle,DB2,SQL服务器等,支持导入导出,简单易用,很不错!

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SQLEditor 3.5.6 Mac 破解版 介绍

SQLEditor 是一个用于OS x的SQL 数据库设计 和实体关系图(ERD)工具,它用拖拽、删除和点击来替代键入SQL,使 数据库 创建更快更容易。如果您已经有了一个 数据库 ,那么SQLEditor可以帮助您通过逆向工程图来了解它的外观。或者使用SQLEditor与新的设计报告导出器创建文档。如果您需要设计一个 数据库 ,或者需要管理现有的数据库,那么SQLEditor可能很有用。如果你正在学习 数据库设计 ,它也很有用。

SQLEditor支持将 数据库设计 导出到MySQL、Postgres、SQLite、Oracle等。此外,它还导入和导出Ruby On Rails迁移文件。

注意,SQLEditor 3是较早版本的付费升级。2014年3月1日或以后购买的许可证免费升级。

What's New in SQLEditor

Version 3.5.6:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Version 3.5.5:

Fixes for:
  • Inline renaming and comment editing in dark mode not working due to text sometimes appearing in white on white background
  • Insertion point color being incorrect in some cases (and so hidden also)
  • Drag handles not layering correctly
  • Bug when copying object and the dialect was set to JSON

Version 3.5.1:

  • Fix toolbar label positioning
  • Fix spacing in toolbar items
  • Fix missing icon in constraint inspector
  • Fix for focus ring not drawing in canvas when dragging objects into the document
  • Fix jump to parent table button in inspector panels not working when inspecting constraints and foreign keys
  • Fix for text-only mode toolbar items not working
  • Modified application help to improve reliability
  • Updated Sparkle update system which should fix a crashing bug that occasionally occurred
  • Changed wording of option to "Always quote identifiers on export"

Version 3.5.0:

  • Add new dark mode for Mojave (10.14)
  • Better applescript support, can now add more types of object, delete objects and extract cardinality information
  • Better file reading code is now enabled by default
  • New option to turn dark mode on or off for SQLEditor only or follow system setting
  • The icon on the button that links a field to its parent has been changed
  • Some other graphics have been redrawn mostly without change
  • The drawing of the icons in the left (source) sidebar toolbar has been improved
  • Cursor images for creating foreign key connections have been redrawn
  • Color modification for selected tables has been modified slightly
  • Fix: Tables that have position locked will now resize if a field is added
  • Fix: The show object palette menu command now works properly again
  • Fix for extra lines sometimes appearing in the blue overlay selection rectangle
  • Fix: the add field button on the table inspector is now disabled if more than one table is selected
  • Fix: Better automatic quoting for identifiers with characters that require quoting (postgres,mysql)
  • Fix: for bug where about box display caused crash if appearance had changed
  • Added new preference to turn off quoting for identifiers with characters that require quoting (postgres,mysql)
  • Removed print toolbar item
  • Some images in the app that were redundant have been removed
  • Minor cleanup and fixes
  • Now built with 10.14 sdk
SQLEditor Mac 破解版 优秀的SQL数据库设计工具
SQLEditor Mac 破解版 优秀的SQL数据库设计工具

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