Keep It Mac 破解版 优秀的文本笔记工具

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Keep It 是一款Mac上优秀的 文本笔记 工具,同时还有iPhone、iPad版本,支持iCloud间同步,三栏布局,很不错!

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Keep It 1.6.9 Mac 破解版 介绍

Keep It  是为了写笔记,保存web链接,存储文档,然后再找到它们。苹果可以在Mac上使用,作为iPhone和iPad的单独应用,你可以在所有设备上使用iCloud。把它作为你想要放在某个地方的所有东西的目的地,相信你以后会再找到它们。

Create, edit, view and save:

  • 带有样式、检查列表和附件的注释,它们看起来很好,并且在所有设备上都能很好地阅读。
  • Web链接与实时预览,或保存为pdf文件以供离线查看
  • 富纯文本文件和Markdown文档
  • 添加任何其他类型的文件,并查看大多数图像、文档、web页面等的预览。
  • 查看大多数文件的列表中的摘要和缩略图
  • 使用最近的列表来查看你最近添加或查看的内容与iCloud共享项目


  • 文件夹让你以层级的方式组织东西-选择一个文件夹来查看它和它的子文件夹包含的所有内容
  • 使用捆绑包将项目集中到一个地方——项目可以一次在多个包中进行
  • 使用标签来为快速的视觉识别使用标签
  • 添加可搜索的标签和评论
  • 让项目收藏夹和拖拽列表到最喜欢的工具栏中快速访问

Search and Filter:

  • 搜索所有内容:姓名、标签、文件内容、日期、种类等等。
  • 当您搜索创建复杂的搜索时,请选择建议
  • 在搜索时使用关键词和自然语言
  • 保存搜索以供以后重用
  • 使用标签过滤器来查看所有带有标签和其他相关标签的项目;选择另一个标签进一步深入

Use Keep It with other apps:

  • 紧凑模式将应用程序简化为单个列,与其他应用程序一起使用
  • 拖拽任何东西来保持它
  • 将可点击链接复制到项目中
  • 共享扩展可以添加链接、文本、图像和其他文件,并在其他应用程序中附加文本
  • 保存文件以保存它的文件夹,自动将它们添加到库中
  • 使用书签来添加不使用共享扩展的web浏览器的链接


  • 使用它需要付费订阅,你可以在应用中购买。
  • 可以选择一个月或年订阅的选择,其中包括一个月免费试用。
  • 免费试用之后,你的iTunes账户将支付你的支付费用,除非你在试用期结束前至少24小时取消订阅。
  • 订阅将自动更新,除非在本期结束前24小时内自动更新。
  • 你的iTunes账户将在本季度结束前24小时内更新。
  • 订阅可以被管理,并且自动更新可以在购买后进入你的帐户设置。

Terms of Use:

What's New in Keep It

Version 1.6.9:

  • Keep It will now attempt to fetch titles for web pages when using the Share extension to save a web link and the host app does not provide one.
  • Fixed an issue automatically naming links to web pages whose real titles are set after the page has finished loading.
  • Improved responsiveness when saving large PDF files.
  • Fixed issues zooming standalone images and displaying standalone images on Retina displays.
  • Fixed an issue searching file content using a suggestion when the "Free Text Searches" option for contents is disabled.
  • Word counts no longer include checklists, dividers and attachments.
  • Improved responsiveness of iCloud operations when others, such as indexing and downloading files, are in progress.
  • Refreshing summaries and thumbnails will now also update the display name of the item, depending on whether or not file extensions are visible in the Finder.
  • Fixed an issue where the dates of mail message files may not match the dates shown in Keep It.

Version 1.6.8:

  • An issue where notes and other file packages could take up unnecessary space when stored in iCloud
  • An issue downloading libraries with shared folders
  • An issue generating Quick Look previews and thumbnails for notes
  • An issue where it would be possible to add newlines or tabs to file names

Version 1.6.5:

  • Fixed an issue saving web links for offline

Version 1.6.1:

  • Text recognition for images with light text on a dark background.
  • An issue performing text recognition on images on macOS 10.13.
  • An issue where showing Markdown previews by default could switch focus to the preview when viewed.
  • A potential crash when updating iCloud while other updates in progress.
  • An issue that could occur when saving changes to iCloud.
  • An issue saving a web link with the Share extension if the app is running.

Version 1.5.10:

  • An issue decrypting some items with attachments.
  • An issue where items in Deleted Items could be shown in Recents.
  • An issue drawing some PDF highlights.
  • The appearance of the file icons when dragging from the items list.
  • Error reporting when importing ENEX files.

Version 1.5.9:

  • It’s now possible to drag messages from AirMail
  • A maximum depth of 9 folders is now enforced when using iCloud
  • Fixed an issue storing some stationery in iCloud
  • Worked around an issue indexing corrupt and some password-protected Excel documents
  • Fixed an issue where tagging all untagged items wouldn’t reset the tag filter

Version 1.5.6:

  • A crash that could occur while resizing the window with a note or rich text file visible
  • A crash that could occur when deleting an item then switching to another list while searching
  • An issue where starting a search may not work
  • An issue where the All Items list may not show everything
  • Apple Maps URLs added to Keep It via the Share extension will now be added as links in notes
  • Keep It is now a notarized app
Keep It Mac 破解版 优秀的文本笔记工具
Keep It Mac 破解版 优秀的文本笔记工具
Keep It Mac 破解版 优秀的文本笔记工具
Keep It Mac 破解版 优秀的文本笔记工具

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