iMazing 2.9.8 Mac 破解版 优秀的iOS设备管理工具

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iMazing 是一款Mac上优秀的 iOS 设备管理工具,功能与  iTools Pro  一样,可以让我们方便管理 iOS 设备的短信、联系人、照片、视频、音乐等等,方便在Mac和 iOS 设备间导入导出文件,支持最新的 iPhone  和 iOS  系统,界面也很漂亮!

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iMazing 2.9.8 Mac 破解版 介绍

iMazing (是 imazing DiskAid)是最终的iOS设备经理的能力远远超出了iTunes提供。随着imazing和你的iOS设备( iPhone ,iPad,或iPod),你可以:

  • 复制音乐到任何iOS设备(甚至从一个IOS设备到另一个!),无论是Mac或PC设备已同步到。没有限制或限制的音乐转移。
  • 备份和恢复个人的iOS应用程序与您的自定义保存的数据,完美的释放空间,在您的iOS设备,而不会失去你的文件,伟大的安装应用程序,包括你的另一个iOS设备上的数据,你自己的。
  • 将文件传输到iOS设备,并浏览IOS文件系统。
  • 使用你的iOS设备像一个USB钥匙。
  • 浏览和保存的信息(短信,彩信,语音信箱,iMessage),和通话记录,其中iTunes可以做。
  • 浏览,保存,并添加联系人到您的 iPhone ,而不会自动添加到您的iCloud帐户。
  • 浏览和管理同一IOS设备的多个备份。选择要还原的数据集。
  • 还有一些你从未想过的惊人的事情!

What's New in iMazing

Version 2.9.8:

  • Fixed case where depending on the timezone, very recent messages would only show up after resetting the date range
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in threads and chats
  • Improved handling of corrupted or missing attachments
Other fixes:
  • Fixed crash related to restoring app data to iOS 10.0 or 10.1 devices
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.9.7:

  • Improved jailbreak detection (Chimera and Uncover)
  • Call history now includes two new columns: Location and Service (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber...)
  • It is now possible to reverse the sort order of Messages and WhatsApp threads by clicking the header

Version 2.9.5:

  • Case where music becomes unavailable on the iPod after being loaded. Please get in touch at if this happened to you, we will guide you through a recovery procedure
  • iOS 12.2 support
  • Support for new iPad models
  • Messages: support for voice messages sent from iOS 12.2 devices
  • Messages and WhatsApp: added Show all dates option

Version 2.9.4:

  • Data is invalid error when parsing a backup is now ignored when it is safe to do so
  • Bulk exports of Messages and WhatsApp threads now honor the current date range
  • Improved support for older versions of WhatsApp
  • Fixed rare Error writing file error when exporting Messages or WhatsApp to PDF

Version 2.9.3:

  • This version introduces support for browsing, exporting and printing WhatsApp data, as well as a completely overhauled message data extraction and PDF generation engine for Messages.

Version 2.8.4:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

Version 2.8.2:

  • New 2018 iPads Pro support
  • iOS 12.1 support
  • Managing app updates from the "Manage Apps" section is now much easier to use: a dedicated window lists available updates, and it is now easy to download updates or directly update apps on a specific device
  • Installing VPP apps is now supported, as long as device assignment is already done
  • The calendar view will now display multi-day events on multiple days and not just on the day of the event
  • When a device’s backup location is on an unavailable NAS, iMazing will let you know and will offer to stop trying to connect
  • Other tiny improvements
iMazing 2.9.8 Mac 破解版 优秀的iOS设备管理工具

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