Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

发表于: 2019-05-12 系统、应用软件 mac

Bookends 是一款Mac上优秀的文献 书籍管理 工具,可以帮助我们管理书籍参考链接和文献,并且支持导入EndNote、PubMed等软件的信息,批量扫描Word文档,支持各国语言。

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Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 介绍

Bookends Mac版可以轻松地将其导入参考 ,并直接搜索和进口从数以百计的线上资料来源。Bookends Mac版使用内置在浏览器中下载参考与PDF格式的文件,或和/或网页的点击。自动搜索pubmed让你发现的文章,尽快,因为他们出版。


  • Bookends是一款功能齐全使用方便的参考书目与 文献管理 工具,可轻松地从浏览器在线导入数百个附注,参考和信息管理系统。
  • 软件可使用内置在浏览器中的插件下载或通过网页点击参考各类PDF格式的文件,自动搜索pubmed发现所需的资料。强大搜查可以进一步细化键入的关键词。
  • 同时支持添加任何文件(如为PDF 格式的)参考和查看或立即打开。还有自动重命名选项。
  • 另外还可直接从page、MS Word(包括Word 2011)、rtf文件和mellel 扫描文字,文件和自动生成完成的手稿与格式正确的书目,进行文字处理。

What's New in Bookends

Version 13.1.5:

Some global preference settings will be synced via the Cloud

The synced settings are: the default reference Type (Mac and iOS), the names of reference Types and field labels (Mac and iOS), the temporary citation delimiter (Mac and iOS) and separator (Mac), the EZProxy URL (Mac and iOS), super- and subscript metacharacters (Mac), the floating citations trigger key (Mac), and author and title ignore lists (Mac). We will add more global preference settings in future updates. Use of synced preferences by Bookends for iOS requires version 3.3.6 or later.

Modernized Bookends options in the ribbon for Word 2016 or later/Office 365

The macros that interact with Bookends now appear in their own tab, the Add-ins tab is no longer used.

The menu Refs -> Mark Selected References toggles the marked (hit) status of the selected references

If the first selected reference is unmarked, all selected references will be marked. If it is marked, all selected references will be unmarked.

  • Updated direct download of PDFs from ScienceDirect to deal with changes made by Elsevier
  • Updated PubMed web viewer to deal with changes made by PubMed
  • Perform boolean Spotlight searches for phrases (i.e. text enclosed by quote marks)
  • Live search for text between quote marks now searches for whole words
  • New citation delimiter option: (+ +)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could make the library window invisible. Fixed a problem on systems running anti-virus software where the Types and field labels reverted to the factory defaults. Fixed a hang that could happen when highlighting a reference's owning groups and one of the groups was not visible. Fixed a bug that prevented the pop-up menu listing all attachments from appearing at the bottom of the Attachments tab in the reference edit pane. Fixed a bug in Reset Window Position where the library window wasn't the full screen height. Fixed a bug in the display of en dashes in the Format Manager examples and of en dash display in scanned Mellel files. Fixed a bug that could cause PDF tags to overlap when viewed in the Attachments tab. Fixed a bug that could cause an error when saving an edited format. Fixed an issue with Bookends Server where the default formSat was used to generate a bibliography even though a different format was requested. Fixed several bugs in coloring of required BibTeX fields. Fixed a bug that prevented italicized numeric citations from displaying in a scanned Mellel document. Fixed a bug in the registration window display of dates for some countries where the day rather than the month appeared. Fixed a bug where Refs -> Replicate As Book Chapter -> Include Attachments was enabled inappropriately.

Version 13.1.5:

  • Import references from multiple files at once with drag and drop. If you drag and drop more than one text file onto the library window Bookends will import the references contained in all. Note that the references in each file must be in the same format (e.g. RIS, PubMed, XML, etc.) or some of the references will not be imported. If any of the files is not a text file Bookends will offer to attach them all (the previous behavior)
  • Styled text information in the Abstract and Notes will be preserved when importing EndNote XML files even if more than one EndNote field is combined
  • When attaching a PDF to an existing reference that is showing in the list (e.g. in a group), Bookends will not change the group selection to All
  • Bookends will generate a more useful error notification when the PubMed network connection is droppedPubMed is having intermittent connection problems that affect some users
  • Export PDFs attachments with or without annotations via the File menu or by using a right-click
  • Copy Hypertext Links from the floating citations windowNote that many apps, including Word, do not accept hypertext links
  • The rarely-used non-editable PDF viewer has been removedPDFs are now always displayed in the more versatile PDF annotation view
  • Improvements were made in the way AppleEvents are handled in macOS 10.14
  • Adding terms to references via the Term List window will not bring up a confirmation dialogA notification will be sent after the terms are added
  • The floating citations window height will adjust accordingly if "always show scrollbars" is selected in System Preferences
  • Bug fixesFixed a bug where some Google Scholar searches could cause an error message. Fixed a bug where the reference edit pane might not scroll back to the top correctly when the window height was increased. Fixed a bug in preferences where the superscript character was shown as = when it was actually set to None. Fixed a scanning error that could occur in some situations when a reference has no author or editor. Fixed a bug that prevented the online search window from showing the references found if a library window was not open. Fixed a bug where pressing Command-+ on some non-US keyboards would not zoom the PDF. Fixed a spurious error that could occur when trying to automatically import metadata from arXiv. Bookends Server Query searches are once again case-insensitive
Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具
Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具
Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具
Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具
Bookends 13.2.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

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